Organizing Her Business Systems & Technology


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About Tia Hain

I see you there taking care of your family, running your household, and running your business. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You are overwhelmed by everything you feel you need to do. But you don’t want to give up any of it. It’s ALL important. I get you! I feel you! I AM you!

I’m Tia Hain, and it’s my passion to help women entrepreneurs organize their business systems and technology. Get their business websites and systems streamlined so they can spend more time where it matters.  

After 11 years of organizing the technology for big businesses and small businesses, I started Organizing Her Business Systems & Technology to help other female entrepreneurs with the same struggles I had when starting my business.  

Now, I have a podcast/blog where I share business and technology organizing ideas weekly. Come join me!

Tia Hain Organizing Her Business Systems & Technology